A Will is a legal document in which a person sets out who they want to

manage their estate and also give details of how they would like to

distribute their assets or upon their death.


For most of us thinking about what happens after we are gone is something to be done later on in life, but we don't know what life might have in store for us. That is why we recommend that everyone should consider getting a Will, should the unthinkable happen, to protect your interests and the ones you love, to decide who will look after your children and to grant you peace of mind. 



In the current market of 'Do It Yourself' packages for Wills, it may seem a confusing process with lots of jargon and having to make sure you include the correct wording. A Will has to be both worded correctly and also signed in the correct manner for it to be a valid document.
We provide the correct advice to ensure that your Will is written to achieve exactly the result that you wish. We will give you the advice you need to put in place the best kind of Will to suit your circumstances to ensure that you have total peace of mind.

For these reasons we also recommend that you take a look on our website at what a Lasting Powers of Attorney can also provide you. You can get more information about Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney by calling us on 01902 244 150 or e-mail us at info@magsolicitors.co.uk.